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Over Mountain. 1800's period. An outlaw hides in the Tennessee Mountains for 20 years. Encouraged by his new found faith and his preacher, he goes "over mountain" to face his past and recover a life he thought was lost. FEATURE FILM in development.

Chasing Weisberg - True story of Rick Christian, former editor of the Saturday Evening Post, as he chases down and investigates the elusive business man, Malvin Weisberg,  who stored 16,433 aborted fetuses in a rented industrial trash container, at his posh Los Angeles home in the 80's. This event made national headlines and triggered a now infamous court case.  FEATURE FILM                                   More Info

Triumvirate. An original episodic television series. Political drama. Triumvirate chronicles the lives and exploits of the Kanavaugh brothers as they conquer their foes and rise to absolute political power. In association with John Mark Huckabee.

Jason's Run. An original screenplay by Nathan Lee Lewis. The endearing 20-year friendship of an autistic white boy born into a dysfunctional family of wealth and privilege, and a black boy from the other side of the tracks. FEATURE FILM  in development.                           Jason's Run One Page

Moses the Black, the Strong, the Ethiopian. Born into slavery in Egypt in the 300's. Banished by his Master, he became the leader of a gang of hundreds, terrorizing the countryside. In his quest to find the true God, he became the head of a monastery of over 500 monks. A true story. FEATURE FILM  in development.                   Go to Website

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