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RTP supports both the moral and fiscal value of faith-based films and provides production services specifically for that genre. "Faith-based" does not just mean religious in nature, but includes any positive theme that promotes the value of life, the worth of every individual, and the betterment of society as a whole. We have a preference for real stories about real people living in a real world. To know more of RTP's world view and our approach to faith-based projects, find the Easter Egg on this page.

Rocky Top Pictures was founded in 2012 in Tennessee. RTP focuses on cost-effective, industry standard, low to high budget dramatic feature film and television series projects, with screenplays, actors, cinematographers and the like. Our goal is always a theatrical release or an episodic network deal. Certain documentaries inspire us upon occasion and we have the highest regard for the short film genre.

Faith-Based  Division

RTP Code Of Ethics

‚Äč"Do to others what you would have them do to you". Honesty, Integrity. Respect. Trustworthiness. Accountability. That's the RTP way. It's not just what we believe, it's who we are.

Rocky Top Pictures partners with studios, production companies, crews and other groups to bring about successful projects. We are the partner and employer! The only ones to which we tip our hat are the individual investors or financing entities who partner with us to produce fiscally sound, profitable ventures. Rocky Top Pictures LLC is the perfect blend of creativity and business acumen.

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